VIPS™ Single Cell Seeding System

New product developed for single cell dispensing into wells of microtitre plates for cell line development.

VIPS System

VIPS™ (acronym for "Verified In-situ Plate Seeding") builds upon the wide adoption, regulatory acceptance and established benefits of a limiting dilutions (LD) approach, but then most significantly it dramatically increases the plate seeding efficiency. This is achieved by a process whereby imaging of the well is carried out immediately after a cell dispensing event and automated cell detection confirms whether a single cell was dispensed or not. This is an iterative process repeated several times over to ensure a final plate with a resultant high occupancy of single cells in wells, most of which will grow out to form colonies. VIPS is the optimal single cell seeding platform front-end for customers who have purchased the Cell Metric imager. Read more…

The Cell Metric® imagers

The Cell Metric family of well plate imagers is the world’s leading product for assurance of clonality.

Cell Metric®

Cell Metric CLD

The Cell Metric® is single plate system which is ideal for small to medium-sized projects. It provides rapid, high-quality whole-well imaging, ideal for assurance of clonality on the day of seeding for cell line development workflows. It can also be used for confluence measurements, cell growth and cell counting. For higher throughput operation, there is an option to integrate into a robot work cell. Read more...

Cell Metric® CLD

Cell Metric CLD

The Cell Metric® CLD is our most widely adopted imager and is ideal for larger and more frequent cell line development projects. It offers all of the functionality of the basic Cell Metric, with the addition of a temperature-controlled automated plate loader and cassettes so that 10 microplates at a time can be processed without intervention. Read more...

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