Cell Metric® Automation

Cell Metric™ robotic integrationFor many cell line development groups, the Cell Metric® CLD provides the best choice when considering project size, cost, space and flexibility, as its integrated plate loader allows up to ten microplates to be scanned at a time without operator intervention.

For higher throughput applications, particularly where the long periods of unattended operation is required, the Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® rapid can be integrated with a range of automation-friendly laboratory equipment, including robot arms for plate handling and automated robotic CO2 incubators for medium-term microplate storage.

The Cell Metric™ microplate carriage is designed with robot access in mind, and is compatible with a variety of microplate jaws. The Cell Metric® software includes an optional module to allow third-party software to communicate with and control the Cell Metric® instrument.

Peak Automation & Analysis have integrated the Cell Metric® into their Overlord3 laboratory automation software, and are able to integrate the Cell Metric® into robotic work cells that can be tailored to individual requirements.