The VIPS™ (Verified In-situ Plate Seeding) system combines single cell printing with simultaneous in-situ image verification of a single cell in the well for high efficiency seeding of well plates. (watch video)

VIPS System

VIPS dispensing is compatible with a wide variety of suspension and adherent cell types.

The system has been designed for groups who want to dispense single cells into the wells of microtitre plate with high efficiency and high viability (note, that assurance of clonality is still done by the Cell Metric imagers).

It has been developed as a superior alternative to conventional methods of dispensing cells by FACS or standard limiting dilutions. The innovative single cell printing technology enables individual cells to be reliably isolated, dispensed and imaged all in one seamless process.

A single plate at a time is presented to the VIPS, but the reservoir can facilitate the seeding of multiple plates. Hence the VIPS should be suitable for future high throughput in a robot integration format.

VIPS is a small bench top instrument, which is placed within a standard biological Class II cabinet for sterility. All components which come into contact with cell culture are interchangeable and can either be sterilised or replaced with new. Two cell reservoirs are provided with an instrument and additional cell reservoirs can be purchased too.

VIPS uses a gentle process called SMART LD™ whereby it dispenses, from a reservoir of cells in media, a single droplet (at a dilution of 0.5 cells/droplet) into a dry well in the plate. Imaging a bright field z-stack of this droplet automatically detects the presence or absence of a single cell.

  • If detection confirms the presence of a single cell per droplet, the well is automatically filled with media.
  • If the detection confirms the presence of several cells per droplet, the well is excluded from further processing.
  • If no cell is detected, the system will deposit another droplet and repeat the process up to several times per well.


Vips Before DispensingVIPS After DispensingVIPS MEdia Filling

1. Before Dispensing         2. After Dispensing           3. Media Filling


Single cell printing is rapid with a full 96 well plate completed in around 10 minutes.

Results are displayed in the form of a plate map indicating empty wells, single cells and wells with multiple cells.

VIPS Results Screen

High speed, whole well imaging can be carried out by VIPS for validation (using fluorescence) experiments

VIPS is the ideal single cell printing front-end to the Cell Metric whole well imager which is then used to perform Day 0 imaging and subsequent days for assurance of clonality.

The VIPS should be applicable to groups working on the following